About Fish Eyes Tours

Hello, I am Nirmal and I am an Udaipuri! I am an artist and I love my city. I was born and brought up here. I grew up here. It has taught me so much. Udaipur is the city of artists. I became an artist because of this city. And I would love if you also love it! Don’t worry; I am here to show you around. We have amazing bicycle tours planned for exploring the culture, heritage and natural beauty this town has to offer.


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Our basic philosophy

Our basic philosophy is Pro-Udaipur. We are dedicated to the notion of pro-Udaipur, eco-friendly tourism. To begin with, we ride along the city on bicycles, rather than tooling around in gas-guzzling, fume-belching vehicles. Cycling serves a number of purposes: it burns calories, slims those thighs, and tones your glutes, exposes us to conditions faced by the locals, and brings us into closer touch with this vibrant city. No matter that some choose to go on guided tours in air-conditioned coaches… can they stop at will and order their guides to go on detours when something catches their eye? Well, with me, you can do all this – and skip those interminable waits at each traffic stop.

What do we hope to achieve as a result of these rides?

We seek to create an aesthetic awareness of and affection for Udaipur. It is our hope that people will see with us in these structures our link with a glorious past, and find for them a special place in the city we hope to develop.

We make it a point to patronize locally produced goods in the course of our walks. There are vendors that specialize in the sale of products indigenous to Rajasthan, and purveyors of fast-vanishing crafts in neighborhoods less-frequented since the onslaught of mass consumerism. Let us go in search of these products and their makers, whose first customers came from a more gracious and less-harried age. An individualized package is cheaper than a guided tour that crawls down city roads. It gives you a bird’s eye-view of the vibrant life at street level. Let’s reclaim our heritage, people! And for our honored guests from abroad, do share what we learn with the world!